------------Do not loose the opportunity of winning a photo-shoot with Carla Aniasi------------

It is a worthwhile expierence!

As we know this is a blog created to inspire and motivate women and men to be the best version of theirself. You will find posts/advice about how to struggle with depression, low self-esteem, eating disorder, anxiety and emotional void. In the “Just Be You” blog you will also find sections with some exercises guide, yoga positions, and green smoothies recipes; along with their explanation and benefits.

The “Just Be You” team has decided to create a contest for a free photo-shoot with a talented photographer, with the idea of showing the best part of you. This is an incredible opportunity to boost your self-confidence and see the beauty inside of you through an image.

The photographer will be Carla Aniasi, who is a professional photographer who has worked in the entertainment industry for many years. She spent most of her life working in different kind of events and family reunions. Her professional carrier started when Selena Gomez needed a photo-shoot for an album and she selected Carla as her main photographer. Nowadays, they have a business and personal relationship that has opened many opportunities for Carla.

For many years Carla struggled with depression, low self-esteem, eating disorder, anxiety and emotional void and succeeded to over pass all of those negative situations, and she believes that made her the strong women she is today. We invited her for a collaboration where the winner will also have the opportunity of doing a Q&A and will receive tips on how to get over these situations, and use them as a personal benefit.

In order to participate you only need to post a picture of this contest in your personal social media account with the hash-tag #JustBeYou and a small paragraph explaining why you should win this contest. Best of luck!

Here is an example of Carla's work:

Different moods that will be presented in the photo-shoot:

If you want to check out some of her pictures! request her on Facebook. She will be happy to show you more! Carla Aniasi's Facebook!